Thursday, 12 December 2013

For the Love Of God Stop Already.

For the love of God, stop!

Depending on the part of town you live in, we have had between 14 and 16 inches of snow so far today and it is still snowing.

In the next 10 days there is another 30 inches in the forecast. Enough already.

Keeping with their tradition of not plowing city streets until the snow lets up the city has made this place a ghost town. People cannot get down town because they can't get out of their driveway. I don't know how I am going to get Tess home tonight. She may have to leave her car at work. Our street is barely passable. I got stuck there 4 times in a half block when I went to shovel the driveway again. If I get stuck, Tess will bury the car.

I stopped at city hall to complain and yell at someone. The only city plow working was clearing their parking lot so their employees could leave. That turned me into a loud, obnoxious, angry complainer. I will be at the next city hall meeting with a delegation. This is the way they used to operate but had gotten better the last few years. Not now.

Have I mentioned how very much I hate winter?

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