Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Athabasca Falls 2013

After leaving the Columbia Icefields we traveled up through the Parkway to just outside of Jasper where we stopped at Athabasca Falls. Once again these are not the best of pictures and I will post the pictures from the last visit where I spend more time and took better photos.

The Columbia Icefields 2013

Banff National Park when suddenly it stopped allowing us to visit that intensely beautiful spot. Thern as soon as we left Lake Louise it began to rain again in great sheets blown by a stiff wind.

At a particularly scenic spot with roadsise washrooms we stopped for a pee and to take in the view. I was in shorts and it was incredibly cold. The rain was nearly snow there in the mountains. I nearly froze to death.

We jumped back into the car and turnwed the heater on full tilt to warm up and dry out. hen it was on to what is arguably the second most famous spot in the park, The Columbia Icefields.

Just forty years ago when I forst moved here this massive glacier reached all the way to the road and if you don't believe in global warming then you need to see this. It has now retreated more than a mile away and it is a long trek to reach it. We did not take the trek. If it was cold just down the road this was near arctic conditions. I could not believe it was this cold.

So we snapped a few crappy photos and jumoped back into the warm car again to get out of the wind and rain. Weather can be harsh in the mountains.