Thursday, 4 July 2013

This Was Seriously Funny

I laughed so hard I had tears running down my cheeks. It was the sort of thing you see on television or Youtube but never expect to experience in real life.
You see, Tess is one of those people who has absolutely no sense of direction nor any sense of body space. She could get lost in a broom closet and she could walk up on a feeding Grizzley Bear without ever knowing it.

Every time we got off the elevator at the hotel at Harrison Hot Springs she turned in the wrong direction to go to our room. Most times I would call her back but occasionally I'd let her walk off by herself. She never self-corrected until she noticed she was by herself.

Anyway ...

There are three outdoor pools at Harrison (and two indoor). There is a regular swimming pool, an adult pool kept at 104 degrees, and a family pool kept at 96 so the kids don't overheat. We spent most of our time in the adult pool but the morning of the second day Tess wanted to walk over to the family pool. So we strolled over. I was looking at the mountains and talking to another couple while Tess wandered about. All of a sudden I heard a KERSPLASH and a non-family-pool expletive and looked down to see that Tess had walked right off the edge and into the pool.

I fell apart laughing. Tess was trying to get her feet under herself to stand up and I couldn't offer any help I was laughing so hard. People in the pool were casting dirty looks at me which just made me laugh harder and then looking with concern at Tess but by this time even Tess had seen the humor in it and was laughing.

Nothing damaged although Tess' bathrobe and towel were wetter than normal.

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