Thursday, 23 May 2013

Are You Shitting Me?

The snow is mostly gone. Given another week it will all be gone. So what is the forecast for tomorrow? I'm glad you asked. The forecast for tomorrow is for 10 cm of snow. It is enough to break your heart.

This is Thursday and so I am at my parents place tonight. Tess is on shift change. Of course if we are going to have 10 cm of snow then I cannot do any yard work here tomorrow. I might as well have stayed at Tess'. Of course this does give me an excuse to go to bed early where I can lay and read without interruption or doze if I so desire. I can also go to sleep without waking up since Tess always wakes me up when she comes to bed two hours after I have.

I picked three-year-old grandson Silas up from day care this afternoon and took him home. He didn't know I was coming so it was a surprise to him. When he saw me he said, "Grampa, I missed you." Then he came running into my arms for a very long hug. Of course it has only been four days since he had seen me but apparently it was long enough to miss me and long enough for an extra special hug. On the way home we played "I spy with my little eye." We made a joke out of it when we both kept picking something that was yellow. And that, my friends, made for a perfect day no matter what else went on. It does not get any better than having a three year old hug you and kiss you without being asked and telling you they missed you.

(Originally posted to Blogster April 4, 2013)

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