Thursday, 4 April 2013

Peter the Wolf

When I was a young child my grandfather had a second hand and antique business. It was housed in a huge, old dairy barn that had been converted to an antique store and it was jammed to the rafters with ancient treasures. There were separate rooms (stalls) for different collectibles: books, records, dishes, etc.

He had begun the business, and continued to stock it, with the simplest of means. He also ran a trucking business and advertised in local businesses that he did attic cleanings and haul aways.

Those old Maine attics were filled with antiques and most people had no idea their worth. They just wanted them out of their attics and my grandfather, the Yankee genius that he was, was all too happy to charge them to haul away their 'junk' while saving the best to sell to antique collectors.

A lot of items found their way to me in the form of endless presents" Lionel train sets, antique toys, children's books, and records.

One of those that was given to me was a recording of Peter and the Wolf narrated by Boris Karloff. It was the recording shown below. Oh, how I wish I still had the record. It was an old 78 RPM in heavy, thick vinyl and would be worth a fortune now.

In any event, this classic edition of Peter and the Wolf is well worth your time to listen to. Enjoy.

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