Friday, 5 April 2013

Multiply Strikes From Beyond the Grave

Multiply strikes again.

Multiply may be gone but not without causing more grief on the way out the door.

When I moved to Blogster I began bringing over old postings from Multiply and posting them here and at Blogger. I was very careful to make certain that when I brought over photo blogs or even blogs that contained a single picture that I was bringing over the picture and not just a link back to Multiply, Several people had warned me that Multiply was, in effect, keeping our pictures hostage and only the links were coming over. When you thought you were actually copying the picture you weren't.

I checked and saw that this was the case. Thus I was very careful. I even double checked by deleting all my material on Multiply and checking that it was still here and at blogger which would be the case if it was actually copied. All was well. I continued to copy and delete.

Now I see that the photos in those blogs have disappeared on the same day Multiply finally went dark. In spite of all my precautions the pictures were not copied. Multiply had only allowed the copying of a link and had even maintained that link even though I thought I had deleted them there.

Even in its demise Multiply was dishonest. Dishonest in not allowing me to copy my own damn pictures and dishonest by keeping them there even though I had deleted them.

I now have the pleasure of having to go through two blog sites, here and Blogger, correcting the mess this has created. This means going through hundreds of postings, nearly 1000 between the two sites.
Most of the photos will be lost. I cannot be bothered to find them on my hard drive and repost them. I will just edit them out. Some of the postings, quite a few, actually, were photo blogs. I will have to delete them. It would be far to much work to fix them except in the case of the photo blog I did of my daughters wedding which I can get back to the way it was.

This pisses me off more than I can express. It is not just the tremendous amount of work ahead of me, it is the lack of honesty from online companies who promise they will work with you forever and then quit. I have a lot of material at Google and they are a large and, seemingly strong, company but what it to say that tomorrow they do not eliminate Picasweb and with it everyones photos and the chaos it would cause to blogs.

I am completely disgusted with the entire online experience right now. I have been online since 1986 and that may have been the apex. It has all been down hill from there.

So, if I am not around much it is because I am fixing blog postings at two sites. Assholes.

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