Friday, 5 April 2013

Life Is Difficult

I am nearly beyond exhaustion today.

My mother's health, which was spiralling into the ground the last time I mentioned it when she was gravely sick and not eating again and while father was in the hospital, did a sudden, unexplained, miraculous turnaround.

The day got out of the hospital she started getting better. By the second day I started hearing "I'm hungry" every half hour instead of the constant litany of "I don't want to eat." It was stunning. As she continued to eat a lot of her returned. She was laughing, making and getting jokes, moving a bit more. We had to run her to the doctors every couple of days because of the clots in her legs but she was on the road to getting better or as better as it gets with her and with her "mild cognitive dysfunction."

Then it all went to hell again. I noticed quickly she no longer snacked, then stopped drinking as much as she should but she was still eating meals even with not as much enthusiasm as before.

Come Saturday morning she got up as usual and promptly fainted and soiled herself. We have gone through these episodes many times in the last 4 years. This one was odd because she had been eating. Then two days later it happened again. And she was back to sleeping all the time, not eating, not drinking. She became argumentative and combative but we were able to get her to the doctor by using her clots as a subterfuge. She knows those have to be seen to. As soon as her doctor saw her he ordered her to the hospital for tests with instructions that the E.R. doctor was to make the call as to whether she went home or stayed.

The E.R. doctor was overwhelmed as test results started coming back in. To his credit he said he needed more than a family doctor could give her and called in an internal medicine specialist. He ordered her admitted. He weight was once again down to a shocking 75 pounds. She had a urinary tract infection. Her temperature was spiking. It appeared she might have pneumonia as well. They started her on IV antibiotics and forcing saline into her as she was, of course, badly dehydrated.

Last night she looked at deaths door. This morning when I got to the hospital she was dressed, sitting up, and looking a hundred percent better. She, of course, is making an effort to be released. I am fairly certain that is not going to happen today. The specialist said she wasn't going home until he was certain the infections were clearing up and that the shadow on her lung is indeed pneumonia and not cancer.

He says every thing else that needs to be done (colonoscopy, more scans, tests, and finding out why she won't eat can be done later out of his office. I would prefer he do it now. It is easier to get her to do things when she has no choice in the hospital.

The truth is I am sure there is something truly wrong with my mother and I suspect they will finally find it this time. If I was a betting person I would be betting her time is short and with the Alzheimer's it might be a blessing. But we will see. She is much more mentally alert this morning then she has been in some time.
Dad, as would be expected, is practically living at the hospital and he is exhausted. I expect him to collapse next.

Meanwhile, I am trying to live three lives. See Mom, look after Dad, run the house, be a father and grandfather, and get time with Tess. Maybe that is five or six lives. I am too tired to tell.

I did manage to get to the city yesterday to see my youngest daughter and to have snowball fights with three year old granddaughter Gracey. She lifted my mood.

So life is difficult at the moment. I am tired. I have little time to interact here. I have some posts t make but little time to get around to your postings at the moment. I hope you understand. If it is problem for you, blow me.

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