Friday, 26 April 2013

It Is Spring and I Am Fat

Yikes. It is cold out this morning. Below zero again. We have been having some beautiful warm weather but not this morning. A temporary setback, to be sure, but an unwelcome one.

The snow has gone on my father's side lawn and on Tess' front lawn. That made for yard work over the weekend. I got Dad's yard raked and cleaned up on Sunday and Tess' on Monday. Now I have to wait for more snow to melt and the lawns to dry up so I can get the rest. Dad is too old for that chore now so I guess I get to do two yards this year. That wouldn't be too bad except Dad's is half an acre. The rest of Tess' won't be a snap either. We had to dig up the front lawn to fix a broken water pipe last fall. Now all those rocks have to be picked out of the ground, it will have to be raked, top soil brought in and raked and then it will have to be seeded.  I am already tired just writing about it.

All the work simply made it clear that while it may be spring I am fat and out of shape. Five years ago I got all the excess weight off and was in my best shape in years, Now all that weight is on again. I need to get serious this year about getting it off. I am too old to be carrying this much weight and I figure I only have one more year in which I can exercise enough to get it off. The trouble is, I hate walking in the cold and ... see above. Regardless, it is time to get to it.

Sunday Tess and I were invited to my middle daughter Amy's for Easter dinner. Amy is a great cook and it was a lovely meal and a great time with my family. Amy makes the world's best gravy. I wanted to drink it but limited myself to putting it on the turkey and potatoes.

Monday evening we were invited to a friend of Tess' for dinner. A very nice steak BBQ. The women stayed inside and jabbered in their language - Eimee is also Filipino. Her husband and I sat on the deck and drank beer. Life was the way it was supposed to be.

Last night my parents decided they wanted steak also so I did a BBQ for them. It was even better than the previous night. Tonight they will get roasted rosemary blue potatoes and roasted chicken. I'll have toast and cottage cheese as I start a diet. Not really but I need to start cutting back on meals. I am fat ... see above.
Tess and I are off to the coast for three days on April 20. Her mother is coming back again for the summer and let me tell you, I am thrilled about that.

Her brother and his husband were supposed to bring Nanay up but that folded. Then her niece and her boyfriend were going to bring her up but that went by the wayside. Then her nephew and his girlfriend were going to bring her but, no, now they can't. So we do it again. It is amazing how Tess' family can never do anything and it is always up to us. Tess has told her Mom we are done! When it comes time for her to go back down to the coast either someone comes and gets her or she stays. We are finished. No more Mr. Nice Guy and Mrs. Nice Woman. Everyone does their part from now on or it won't get done.

It is time to get on with my day. I have to go to the dump. I have a truck full of leaves, needles, dead grass and other lawn litter to dispose of.

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