Thursday, 4 April 2013

Big Beautiful Honkers

I saw two sets of big honkers today. They were beautiful.

Okay, get your minds out of the gutter. I am talking Canada geese winging their way north. The geese are always a harbinger of spring. I am afraid these two skeins are in for a rough go. The lakes are still solidly frozen and the fields covered in ice. I don't know what they are going to eat for the next few weeks.

Tess and I were in the grocery store a while ago. I caught someone waving to me out of the corner of my eye. It was three year old grandson Zephyr sitting in a cart while his mom shopped. I went over to talk to him and he shyly gave me a doughnut hole from a box he had opened while they were shopping. His little hands were grubby and dirty and God only knows where they had been or what germs they held but when a three year old shares his treats with you then you accept it and eat it with all the grace you can muster.

Tess is cooking deep Filipino tonight so I am going to have the leftover ragu I cooked last week and put in the freezer. I eat Filipino but not deep Filipino. If there are eyes in the soup pot looking up at me I pass. I will eat the eggplant she is cooking. She fries it in onion and garlic and egg. Yea, I know. Eggplant. That doesn't matter anyway. When your woman shares her food with you then you accept it and eat it with all the grace you muster. It looks like grey paste but it tastes quite good.

Gathered some old photos today. One of my mom with her older sister who died. They look to be 10 and 11. The other was a picture of my father and his older brother with their father who was dressed up i his postal uniform. Dad looks three. I scanned them at a high resolution then took them to the photo shop and had them enlarged, printed, and framed. Then I dropped them off. No reason other than I love them. And they loved the pictures but were just reserved enough that I know that when Tess isn't around I will get the lecture about spending money on them. I will have to give them the lecture about when you get a gift you accept it with all the grace you can muster.

Grace. We all need to give it more often. More grace, less politicians.

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