Saturday, 9 March 2013

Spring Has Sprung, the Grass Has Riz. (Photos)

The weather forecasters told us this would be an old fashioned winter. I was expecting the worst. After all, I have lived in northern Canada for over 40 years now and I remember old fashioned winters when the mercury went down to 40 and 50 degrees below zero and stayed there wor weeks. I remember snow so deep I was shoveling snow up off the garage roof.

This was not an old fashioned winter. In fact, it was hardly a winter. I have been ready to call "spring" for two weeks now. The temperatures have been remarkable. For the last two days the temperatures have been really remarkable. It feels like spring. It is warm. The snow is melting.

As much as I am enjoying it, this is not a good thing. When spring hits early like this we are in for a very dry summer with acute water shortages and massive forest fires like we had three years ago when we couldn't see across the river valley for smoke.

Perhaps we will get a rainy summer to make up for things. I am not wishing for that. Just hoping for some balance.

While the following pictures may not look like spring to you, trust me, it is. These are from today's walk. I wore a jacket that turned out to be too warm. I was in a sweat  the entire time.

The Fraser River Looking South.

The Old Fraser River Bridge Looking North.

Fraser River North.

The Cottonwood Trees Are Budding.

Looking Across the Mouth of the Quesnel River.

Quesnel River.

Quesnel River.

Across the Quesnel River.

Quesnel River.

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