Saturday, 9 March 2013

Song Saturday. Your Milage May Vary.

I used to be into music in a big way and had a collection of hundreds of records (vinyl) of the 60's, the "hippie" era, psychedelic music. That went a long time ago. I listen to music occasionally now, mostly classical and light jazz, but music is no longer a big part of my life. In truth I prefer the sounds of silence. No, not the Simon and Garfunkle song, just silence.

I have, however, been a long time, although on and off, fan of CCM, contemporary Christian music primarily a la Gather Homecoming style. If you are a fan of CCM you know who I mean. If not, I will introduce you at a later time.

Around Christmas this year I was introduced to the wonderful, wonderful music of Keith and Krysten Getty and looked from one end of this Province to the other for their Christmas album without success.
Last week began listening to them on Youtube and was very much impressed. Krysten Getty has one of the most beautiful voices I have ever heard.

While surfing the Gettys I discovered Stuart Townend who has, seemingly, been around forever and has produced some truly amazing CCM. More recently he has fallen in to writing songs with Keith Getty. Townend will produce an album of their songs done his way and the Getty's will release one done their way. You want to listen to them both. Beautiful.

One of Townend's songs that I ran into was From the Squalor of a Borrowed Stable which many listen to as a Christmas carol but which really is a beautiful anthem for all occasions.

This was done by Townend well over a decade ago and there are no videos of him doing this live although the this piece is from a life concert and thus the quality is lower. None the less it is a beautiful piece of song writing and a beautiful piece of music and I hope you enjoy it. The lyrics are embedded in the video.

If CCM is not for you no matter how beautiful it can be then I suggest you go here and listen to the Gentrys do Keep On Dancing.

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