Friday, 15 March 2013

Screw You, Facebook

I am not now nor have I ever been a member of Facebook. Nor will I ever become I member or user of Facebook. Frankly I am considering eliminating my Blogger page, quitting here, and all but eliminating my online presence but that is a different story.

Tonight I received an email from a friend of Tess' which came through Facebook asking me to sign up and view her page. Nor will I ever ... well, you get the idea.

But this one came with an option whereby I could "unsubscibe" from any future mailings from Facebook or its users. I clicked it. But why should I have to? Why should I have to to opt out of a service I have never used? Why should I have to click a link to keep stupid people from using my email address?

The Internet has become way too intrusive. Never mind the fact that 95% of the people that use it are dumber than a turnip, never mind that it is primarily pornography and filth, never mind that I am monitored every time I log in, never mind that most of what you read on the Internet is simply not true,
I am getting really fed up.

I am also getting fed up with the bunch of crooks that are members of the Obama administration. Look, it is quite simple. The enemy isn't on the battlefield of Iraq. They are in the White House. If you do not understand that you shouldn't be voting. If you support that man you need to educate yourself. This isn't politics. This isn't left versus right. This is criminality and treason.

Look, you have an administration that has refused to rule out the use of drones ... against you! Now they want to bring in a Secretary of Labor who supports anti-blasphemy laws that would strip you of your 1st Amendment rights and make it illegal to speak against Islam.

Oh, you say, that would never happen. Wake up, Moron. It is happening. Why don't you check you the statements of the proposed Secretary? Why don't you check out the clear facts that the Obama administration is supporting this in the U.N.?

Stupid. Facebook and Obama supporters.

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