Saturday, 9 March 2013

Put In My Place By A Three Year Old

Grandson Silas goes to daycare but it is quite structured and there is not a lot of playtime there. After daycare he is looked after by his older sisters. Silas' family is wired to the hilt. His Dad is a computer technician and they have all the toys, tablets, iPads, iPhones, Androids, televisions everywhere. It is a geeks paradise. At three years and 4 months Silas has mastered them all and that is primarily his play.

His cousin Zephyr is the opposite. Zephyr has a childs tablet but he doesn't care too much about it and he doesn't sit still long enough to watch television. Zephyr's life is toys and the outdoors and pets and wrestling with his brother.

The other day I picked Silas up from daycare and took him home. I told him I had just seen his cousin Zephyr. Silas said, "Zephyr is my friend."

Yesterday daughter Christina stopped at Amy's for a moment and the two boys played and were delighted to see each other. When Chris went to leave Silas began to cry and so she took him for the day for a play date. Silas had a great time but when Chris brought him back home he started to cry again and begged Christina to let him spend the night.

So, Silas went back out to the farm for a sleep over. We all figured that Christina would have to make a middle of the night drive back to town when Silas got home sick as he has never spent a night away from Mom and Dad and his sisters.

He never made a peep. Played until bedtime, went to bed with his cousin, got up this morning and started to play again. He had the time of his life out on the farm and still didn't want to come home.

This evening I called down there to speak to him. His mother told him someone was on the phone for him. "Is it Zephyr?" I heard him ask. "You'll have to see," she said.

When he got on the phone I said, "Hi, Silas, this is Grandpa. Do you want to come have a sleepover with me?"

Not a word! He handed the phone back to his mother and I heard him say, "I don't want to talk to Grandpa. I want to talk to Zephyr."

Ha.That was telling me.

I doubt Zephyr is ready yet to be away from home although it shocked me Silas was. But until Zephyr reaches that maturity I suspect Christina is going to have an extra kid every weekend now.
Silas just grew up a long ways for a three year old.

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