Friday, 8 February 2013

Thursday Night All Is Bright

It is Tess' shift change tonight which means I am going to stay the night at my parents. They are still not well. Father, perhaps, even a bit worse. Mother, who is trying to work he way down to her birth weight is eating even less after her dental work. Staying here allows me to keep an eye on them and to get an early jump on the chores in the morning that father is usually able to do.

I'll finish their laundry in the morning. I got it partly done today. Run their errands, do a dusting and wash the kitchen floor, figure out dinner, and then do piss all for the rest of the day.

I have dozens of books here I could read this evening. A history of war time Berlin is appealing. I have a half dozen lectures on MP3 that I could listen to. In the end I will probably abuse a couple of Tylenol 3's and float off on a cloud. I need the mental holiday it affords. 

Tomorrow when Tess and I have coffee during her break I think I will liberate three year old grandson Silas from daycare and take him to Tim Horton's with us. He is always happy to see me and I am always happy to see him. We make each other smile. Nor will Tess mind. Silas gives her kisses in exchange for the pennies she gives him to put in a game in the Dairy Queen. 

I'll need to drop a card in the mail for granddaughter Gracey as well. She complained to her mother that I hadn't sent her a card "in five years." Of course I have only ever sent her one and she is only three but she has discovered she likes getting things in the mail. I am so happy to have my youngest daughter back in my life and so very happy to be a hit with Gracey that she can have anything.

The other three year old grandson, Zephyr, was in tonight but he ignored me. He knows it bugs me and he is a dickens who likes to tease so I have started to ignore him back. That is the surest way to get goodbye hugs when he leave. 

Enough. Good night.

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