Saturday, 16 February 2013

The Hair Down There

I see Blogster has blocked access to the pages of the large, nude, sweater puppies gracing the new user pages this morning. Such a pity. I wanted to examine them more closely. You never know, it might be an existing Blogster user with a new account and branching out into a new business venture. Sort of a "Big Guns For Hire." I've a couple of guesses who it could be.

Anyways, I thought it might add some titillation, if you'll pardon the phrase, to our regular blogging but the accounts have been blocked. Now I'll never get to meet the hairless, large breasted Raskal. Such is life.

That brings up a question I have long wanted to broach but have never quite had the courage but, well, here goes. Why is it that so many women shave their genetals these days? Seriously. Why?

I know that a few years ago when it became all the rage it was quite ... exciting but now-a-days one can't approach a gas station magazine rack without noting that women don't seem to have hair down there any longer and, frankly, it disturbs me.

I like women. Being single for a large number of years I dated a large number of them. I like women. Not just for their beauty and their sex. Please note. "Women" is the operative word. Not girls. Unless they are a family member I am quite honestly not even interested in talking to anyone under 25. Their minds are usually empty.

When I am with a woman I want one that looks and acts and smells like a woman. Not one who is hairless. Little girls are hairless. Little girls. There is something wrong with grown men who get all excited about the shaven little girl look on their sexual partners. Society is now writing about and attempting to promote the normalization of sex between adults and children. I cannot help but wonder if the shaven look has contributed to that. Studies have shown that the more someone watches pornography the more likely they are to approve of gay marriage.

Anyway, back to the chest, erm, I mean topic at hand, why would an escort agency attempt to spam a social networking site? Doesn't that run the wireless bill up surfing from a street corner? And is anyone likely to fly from Davenport to Berlin for a piece of ass?

Oh, excuse me, this is social networking. People fly off to screw people they don't know quite frequently. I forgot.

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