Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Sunday Night

Sunday at last!

After getting home from the hospital father stayed inside and laid low for a couple of days. He is looking better and says he is feeling better. Mother is starting to eat again. It would not look like a lot to most of you and indeed the caloric intake is low but for her it is a virtual feeding frenzy. If she can keep it up a while it may recover more and then she might gain some much needed weight. Eating keeps her energy up and it seems to even help with the Alzheimer's somewhat.

I did a quick laundry this morning to get get caught up on the last of it and then cooked a large pot of chicken, veggie, noodle soup for the old folk's dinner this evening. I stole some for myself as well. Tess wants to eat full Filipino tonight and I am not interested in what she is wanting. I'll have my soup. I'll have the Bilo Bilo she is making for dessert.

I need this break. It has been a long haul. Mother has been really ill for two weeks and it was a struggle to get any nourishment into her at all. Then father got very sick and was in the hospital. I was stretched very thin. I was starting at 6:30 most mornings and not getting to sit down until 8:00 after mother was in bed watching television. Thank goodness for my oldest granddaughter who spent the nights listening for her great-grandmother or I'd have got no rest at all.

As long as the two of them are reasonably okay this evening, and there is no reason to think they are not, I will be able to stay here for our normal weekend together of Sunday and Monday. I wouldn't tell her because I don't want it going to her head but I was missing Tess. I take it she was missing me since she has stayed cuddled up beside me all afternoon.

That is a funny thing, huh? I'm 61. Tess a few years younger. You'd think the fire would dim but not seeing each other for a few days we sit and cuddle each other like two teenagers and I am looking forward to bedtime so we can snuggle up and get comfortable.

Mom and Dad are both 80. While he was in the hospital he missed Mom and she missed him, both like fish out of the water without the other.

I wasn't sure Tess and I were ever going to reach this stage together but I am glad we have. We are going to eat early. Tess will watch television. I will read and try to stay awake and, if there is a God in heaven, I hope to be in bed by 9:30.

Tomorrow I will check on the old folks and I have to babysit young Silas for a couple of hours but then it will be, hopefully, another day of doing as close to nothing as possible.

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