Thursday, 21 February 2013

Ja wohl, mein Fuehrer

This should bother you. It should bother you a lot. In fact, unless you are a bobbleheaded Kool Aid drinker it should terrify you.

Okay now. All together. Let's all group think for Obama.

From Tom Gilson over at Thinking Christian comes this terrifying piece on political correctness, a la thought control, at East Carolina University. Can we all say Seig Heil? Ja wohl, mein Fuehrer.

If you think “gay rights” is a perfectly innocent and harmless matter, please read this from Mike Adams about a major assault being made on freedom of religion and conscience in North Carolina.

Mike usually takes a wry, satirical tone in his writings. This could have been a nice noir fiction piece on the deep intolerance of “tolerance.” But Mike was stone-cold sober this time, and his article wasn't fiction.

East Carolina University has set aside a day on which all faculty “homophobics” must wear an armband making it easy to identify them at a glance. Well, not really—that's my own semi-fictional take on it—but it's far too close for comfort. In actual fact the university has assigned a day for faculty members to wear an assigned brown shirt bearing the message, “Gay? Fine By Me.”

Yes, I did say “assigned brown shirt” and “assigned day.” The effect will be no different from an armband in reverse.

ECU's administration is also asking students to join in the campus-wide campaign to pressure private conscience into public conformity.

Any faculty member who chooses not to publicly parrot the assigned message on that day will be quite identifiably “homophobic.” The administration is apparently asking departments to take faculty group photos showing support for the campaign, thus making a permanent record of who is or is not a “homophobe.”

It's an incredible assault on freedom of thought, freedom of association, and freedom of conscience—at a public university. It is harmful, and it is wrong.

Note on “brown:” The first commenter here has correctly noted that the shirts have not been identified as being brown. I got that from the title of Mike's article, where he was, I think, alluding to something very similar to what I had in mind with my armband allusion.

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