Tuesday, 12 February 2013

If This Is Tuesday I Must Be In Toronto

I fell asleep in the wrong house tonight and woke with a start wondering where I was and what time it was.

Both my mother and father continue to be very sick. Mother with her slide into oblivion and Dad with his COPD flare up which now may be his heart. They haven't determined what is wrong with him yet. Mother's diagnosis is easier. She is a stubborn, old bitch who resists every attempt to help her get well.


That is a different story.

It has been a very busy weekend looking after them. Usually father does a lot but now cannot manage the stairs without losing breath so I am doing everything there now from rushing people to the Emergency Room, laundry, cleaning, cooking, paying bills, going to market, answering phones, walking the dog  and everything else that comes along. Yesterday I was with Tess but running back and forth to check on them and do whatever needed to be done. I cooked their dinner here and took it to them or, rather, took it to Dad, Mom didn't eat anything. Took their mutt for a pea, then back here.

Today Tess was back to work so I spent most of the day there but didn't realize how very tired I was until I laid down for just a second and then went out like a light and awoke an hour later with a start. I decided I better come back here before I fell asleep again. Then as I was going out the door Mom hit the floor with a thud. 

The rug beside her side of the bed skidded out from under her feet when she sat down and she slid on down to the floor. Nothing hurt but her pride and tomorrow I will add non skid rubber to the bottom of it. As I tried leaving again Father had a coughing spell. I waited until I saw whether he was going to recover properly and then left for the night.

I would like nothing better than to go to bed but Tess will be home soon and she hates it when she gets off work and I am asleep and she has no one to talk with and no company. Tess is not someone who likes coming home to her own company. 

So, I will doze here on the couch for a few moments until she comes home, watch the one Filipino television show with her that I can follow and which we both enjoy, then I will fall asleep on the couch and go to bed once she is settled. 

I think that I am going to take a nap tomorrow morning when I get back to my parents and after I walk the dog, make breakfast, clean the kitchen, vacuum, and do a dump run for the Salvation Army. 

I wonder if the government would pay be for being a caregiver to the elderly?

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