Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Chinese Food

Neither Tess nor I wanted to cook this evening so we decided to go out for dinner. So where do we go? To a Chinese restaurant, of course. I tried for someplace that could dish up a good steak but Tess works at the only restaurant that serves a decent steak and doesn't like eating there on a day off. I guess I can't blame her but it limits our choice. This was as much about giving her an evening out as it was about eating so we went where she wanted. So we were off to Kakalots Chinese Restaurant. 

There used to be a couple of really good Chinese restaurants here but the owners retired, wealthy, and they are all new now and they seem to come and go every week. The new ones have all been bad except Kakalots. Something has changed there now as well. They served up the worst food I have ever eaten tonight and to add insult to injury it was cold. 

You need to understand a few things. Firstly, Tess is Asian. Secondly, she is a chef. Thirdly, Tess lived and worked in Hong Kong for 10 years where she was a Nanny and cook for a very wealthy Chinese family who owned several restaurants. Tess cooks authentic Chinese and cooks it very well.

That brings me to my fourth and fifth points. Why in hell do we go out to eat food that we normally eat at home and why do we eat food that tastes like dog food compared to what she cooks? 

All of this is not to mention the expense. While cheap, a mere $35, Tess could have fed us for a week on that. 

I'm done with eating out for a while. I can make do with a can of Campbell's tomato soup and cheese toast and there cupboards full of noodles here for Tess for nights we don't want to cook.

Besides, now I am hungry again. You know what they say about Chinese food.

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