Sunday, 10 February 2013

Another Weekend, Another Restaurant

Another weekend, another restaurant.

I bought the fixings for Asian food tonight but really, really did not want to cook nor did I want Asian cooking. Tess didn't want to cook and, finally, wasn't too keen on Asian food either so I was finally able to get her away from Thai, Chinese, and Filipino restaurants.

We went to a high end Greek place tonight. Call it an early Valentines. Tess had the prawns in lemon butter, rice, Greek Salad, pita bread and tzatziki. I had the lamb, roast potatoes, garden salad, pita and tzatzki.

Greeks have to be the only people on earth who use more garlic than Filipinos.
In any event. It was absolutely delicious. Baa, baa. Tess loved her meal as well. Ate every bite. Raved about the food.

Hopefully I have broken her of Asian restaurant for a while and we can go out to eat real food.
Excuse me, I have to burp.

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