Wednesday, 9 January 2013

What's Worse Than A Lobster On Your Piano?

(Originally posted to Multiply October 4, 2009)

What's worse than a lobster on your piano?

Tess' mother is in Vancouver visiting with her brother and Marlyn was working today so Tess and I took a spur of the moment trip to the city to buy some Dungeness Crab for a surprise feast for my Mom and Dad. Well, I guess it wasn't a surprise to my Mom as I had to clue her in to the plan before we went so she didn't go ahead and cook something else for their dinner tonight. Tess and I got back just at dinner time. Mom had the water steaming for the crabs. So Tess and I supplied the crab and Mom supplied the drawn butter, rice and salad as well as angel food cake and raspberries for dessert. It was a hard dinner to get through but we all sacrificed ourselves and ate our way through the crabs. It was all done for God, the Queen, and country, of course.

So, what is worse than a lobster on your piano? A crab on your organ, of course. This was a joke father told my mother one lunch time many years ago. My brother, only 5 at the time, overheard it and, the only organs he knew about being in a church, promptly told the joke to the Baptist preacher when he came to call on his first, and as it it turned out, last visit.

I stopped into the Coles/Indigo bookstore and bought Karen Armstrong's new book about God.I've got the first chapter read and the introduction to the review already planned. 

While I went to the bookstore Tess went to Mariposa's, a high end women's clothing store that is going out of business and has discounts of 70 - 80 per cent. I had time to look through 10,000 titles in the bookstore before Tess made it half way through the women's clothing store so I had to do what husbands and boyfriends do in situations like this - stand around looking stupid and reminding her what time it was.

Tess picked up one blouse and asked me what I thought. I lost my head for a moment and told her she was too old for it. Then I caught myself and changed it to the blouse being too young for her. The look on her face told me all I needed to know. I redeemed myself by paying for the armful of clothes she had picked out and didn't need. I made the mistake of saying that too which brought a rejoinder about my book purchase.
The ride to the city and back was beautiful this sunny, fall day. Dinner with Mom and Dad was great and it made me happy to do something for them that they enjoyed. The outing was good for Tess as well - an all too rare good day for her and I am even forgiven for 'you are too old for that blouse.'

So now we are settled in for the evening. Tess is watching Wowwowwee on Filipino television. We have a crab and rice put away for Marlyn when she gets home from work. I am going to go lay down and read here  shortly after I call my daughters.

I hope you all had a great Sunday.

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