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What Makes Liberals Happy?

What makes liberals happy?

Posted: January 24, 2008
1:00 am Eastern

By Craige McMillan
© 2009  

"Handsome is as handsome does." 

Many conservatives – at least in the political world – will tell you that liberals are basically good people. "It's just that they have different views about how to make the world a better place," they quickly add. 

But is that really so? And if it is – or isn't – shouldn't that alter the way conservatives interact with liberals? 

Perhaps some insight on what makes liberals happy could provide insight into the liberal psyche. This might be very important to conservative politicians the next time they plan a walk down Panderers Lane. 

So, based on liberal public actions and positions, what makes liberals happy, anyway? 

At the top of the list would have to be a successful lie. Saying one thing, doing another – and not getting caught. This was exposed during Bill Clinton's impeachment trial, where every Democrat (liberal) United States senator agreed the president had lied under oath ("I promise to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me God"). Yet these same Democrat senators declined to hold the president accountable for his actions. Their justification for their public support of lying under oath? "Everybody does it!" 

Next to lying, perversion of the natural order seems to make liberals happiest. This often shows up in the sexual conduct liberals rush to defend: homosexual sex, sex between adults and children, teachers and pupils, sex with animals, general promiscuity resulting in hoards of fatherless children, and so on. 

Liberal perversion of the natural order doesn't stop with sex, however. Affirmative action – once a tool to mainstream blacks after years of economic oppression – has been expanded to include women and other minorities. In fact, the only people not covered by affirmative action are white men. (Oddly enough, this means that the only minority left is not covered by affirmative action.) These white men are apparently believed by liberals to be so superior to every other human being on the planet that drastic measures depriving them of the same advantages allowed to everyone else are absolutely necessary to somehow "make it all fair." 

(Fair, in the liberal mind, means that at the end of the day everyone gets the same pot of gruel, whether they work for it or not. All of your efforts and everything you accumulate through those efforts belongs to the state. The state will redistribute these collective assets as it sees fit. Sound familiar?) 

Affirmative action works for liberals because it limits opportunities to the most successful group while expanding opportunities to the least prepared. In other words, it dumps opportunities in your lap without your having to work for them. If you disagree, ask Asians in academia. Because they work the hardest, they are forced to jump the highest hurdles to open the university door to the same opportunities as everyone else. 

It's true – affirmative action in the hands of liberals has become yet another perversion of the natural order, which has always favored economically the prepared and industrious over the ignorant and lazy. And in the event the prepared and industrious should somehow succeed despite the hurdles placed in their path by affirmative action, the progressive income tax (or alternative minimum tax) will insure they pay "their fair share." 

As much as liberals enjoy engaging in perversion, they never seem to pass up an opportunity for religious defamation. At its most obscene, this equates Christian missionaries providing economic and medical assistance to the developing world (often at the cost of their own lives) with Islamic terrorists murdering the innocent for their political and religious beliefs. 

But then, killing the inconvenient, as in "a woman's right to choose (to kill her unborn child)," is a cornerstone of the liberal worldview. It is also the epitome of the liberal mind's disdain for the natural order of things. In the liberal mind, Christian opposition to abortion (read support for the natural order, which is conception followed nine months later by birth), is the equivalent of blowing up Jews. 

In examining what makes liberals happy, we see primarily what is left behind after the target audience practices what liberals preach: a path of destruction in the lives of others (society). Is that what characterizes the life of a good person?

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