Sunday, 20 January 2013

What A Day, What A Day

I left for the city to see my daughter and my granddaughter at 8 o'clock this morning. The roads were slippery and I didn't get there until 10:00. Once there went to a petting zoo and then to a natural history museum. We had a hotdog at the petting zoo and then we started running errands.

My daughter needed to stop at her ophthalmologist to pick up a new pair of glasses. The optician looked at my glasses and noted that they were bent. She then offered it to straighten them for me. I declined because I was afraid they would break. The optician insisted she could repair them so I gave them to her to give it a try. She immediately broke them.

There I was two hours from home and unable to drive without glasses. The look on the optician dispensers face was priceless but it was hard to find the humor in it. The next hour was spent with her trying to fit my lenses into a new pair of frames. While I appreciate the effort she got it wrong. I wear progressive lenses. In order to cut these lenses down to fit the new frames she sacrificed too much at the bottom of the glasses. The result is that there is very little of the bifocal portion remaining.

I don't want to be difficult but I think this is their problem and it shouldn't be mine. Monday I will phone to speak with the manager and suggest they owe me a new pair of lenses and larger frames. If they don't want to do that I may make things difficult for them. I didn't ask them to fix them and I warned them they would break them.
I am betting that there is an ophthalmologist who will be telling his optical staff not to volunteer to fix other people's glasses who did not buy them there.

By the time we left granddaughter Gracey was quite antsy. The hotdog had worn off and she was hungry. It was off to McDonald's in a Walmart store. We shopped for what Rebecca needed and then went to a specialty store where I bought Tess fish. The day was wearing on and I was about to take them home when Gracey decided she wanted to go to a toy store. Since Gracie is my youngest granddaughter and is as cute as the dickens what she wants she gets.

I went back to their apartment for a while and then I left about 4:30. It was a difficult ride home in the dark. Soon after getting home Rebecca called to tell me that Gracey had found a $10 bill that I had dropped in her bedroom. She said to her mother "Look what Grampgramp left me." Well I guess I had and now it's in her piggy bank.

It was a good day but it was too short and too much running around. The next time I go up I want more time to play with Gracey.

This has been dictated through Siri. Blame her for any mistakes.

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