Thursday, 10 January 2013

Walking At 14 Below

I just got back from my morning constitutional, an 8 km hike hither and yon around the city. It was minus 14 this morning but there was a good breeze in the river valley making it feel more like minus 20. It was a tad brisk.

Those who have kept up with my posting over the years have often seen me write of the River Front Trail.

This trail system runs along the Fraser River to the mouth of the Quesnel River and then along the Quesnel River to the northern part of the city where it crosses through the city and then back along the Fraser again.

One can cross the Fraser via the old footbridge and pick up the second part of the trail where it runs up along the Fraser, crosses through the woods until it gets to a ball park, through a residential area, and then along Baker Creek back to the Fraser again.

Each side of this trail system is about 5 kilometers in length.

We are surrounded by rivers and streams in this part of British Columbia. This arial photo gives you an idea of the eastern trail around the city. The Fraser River is to the left and the Quesnel to the right.

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