Saturday, 5 January 2013

The Road To Hell Is Paved

The road to hell is paved with good intentions they say. One of the miles that I paved was the intention to move all of my Multiply blogs over here to Blogger when Multiply announced they were closing.  After copy/pasting/editing close to 400 blogs, book reviews, and photo albums I ran out of steam. 

What to do?

I discovered a program called HTTrack which promised to make a mirror image of any website. "Ahhh", I thought. That was the answer. I would just copy all  of my Multiply site and resume posting it here when the spirit moved.

Unfortunately the spirit didn't move until yesterday when I began making plans to resume this onerous task. Then, tonight, when loaded HTTrack I discovered that it had not gotten all of my Multiply posts. There were blank spots everywhere where the program had failed and this in spite of my having run the program twice. 

It is a disappointment. It isn't as if everything I ever wrote at Multiply was worthy of preserving for posterity but it was a chronicle of seven years of my life that I didn't wish to lose. It appears I have lost it anyway and that primarily due to laziness. If I had continued on with the task I would have had it done and wouldn't have lost anything. Oh, well.

I suppose the 'upside' is that now I will have much less work to finish this task since about half of seven years  of blogging and book reviews has been lost. The 'downside' is some of what was lost I really wanted to keep. I am sure there is a Buddhist teaching on impermanence lurking in here but I am determined to miss that as well as any Christian lesson on sloth. 

Another mile of intention I paved on that road to hell was to repost all of these old blogs in chronological order. With this posting I am tearing up that paving also. That just isn't going to happen either. 

I have been chafing at the limitations at the new social media site I have been using, Blogster, and wanted to complete the porting of old blogs to here so I could then use Blogger to do the things I cannot do there and just provide links to here. Of course I wanted to do this after everything was here. That isn't going to happen either. 

So, this site will now become a mixture of old and new as I move forward. I am anal and this isn't the way I wanted it to happen.

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