Friday, 18 January 2013

The Grandfather Clause

Last Sunday my granddaughter Hailey stopped by to see me. She had an assignment to do for high school where she had to interview somebody and write an article about the. Unable to find anyone smart or interesting she interviewed me and wrote her article about her grandfather, his moving to Canada, and his award winning web site.

After I asked her to stay for dinner and she did although I am not sure how much she actually liked what she ate. It was "deep Filipino food" night that evening where even I won't eat some of the things Tess cooked. But we managed to make a meal.

Her mother's car has broken down so for the last two days I have picked young Silas, my 3 year old grandson, up from daycare and taken him home to the care of his sisters since his Dad doesn't get out of work to pick his mother up until after the daycare is over. Silas as thrilled to have me come to take him home and had to give me a tour of the daycare facility in general and his locker in particular.

This morning my son-in-law Acea and the other 3 year old grandson are in for the day. Daughter Christina brought them in as far as the school she teaches at and I picked them up there and brought them here. Acea has a pain treatment today and young Zephyr just wanted to visit. He has dumped the toy box of blocks and cars and assorted other playthings out all over the floor an is having a good time.

My young 3 year old granddaughter Gracey called the other day and asked me to come Sunday and take her to McDonalds. I couldn't go Sunday so I asked her mother if they were free Saturday. Gracey phoned this morning to tell me to come but then started talking about a petting zoo in the park. So it appears I am off to the city tomorrow morning early to take Gracey to a petting zoo and BBQ in the park and after I will take her mother around to do some shopping as she doesn't drive and it takes her all day to get around on the bus.

So, once again, I have been grandfathered. It makes for a busy life but it is welcome. Too many kids want nothing to do with their grandparents and too many others have grandparents who have nothing to do with their grandchildren. I am one of the lucky ones.

This will be only the third time I will have seen Gracey but we have formed a bond from the first time we saw each other and she calls "Grampgramp" at least once or twice a week. It was a long silence between my youngest daughter and I but it has ended and little by little things are becoming normal between us and I am grateful.

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