Friday, 11 January 2013

The Coldest Night of the Year

Last night was the coldest night of the year so far getting down to -22C (-7F). It hasn't warmed up much since. It is -17C (1F) here now and it is almost noon. Supposedly it is going to continue to warm throughout the day and then fall back to -16C tonight and tomorrow but it is apparently going to be above freezing by Monday. Let us hope. Temperatures throughout the rest of the month are supposed to be back where we have been.

Now -22 is brisk but nowhere near like we had when I first moved here in the early seventies when winter temperatures regularly fell to -30C (-22F), -40C (-40F) and even -50 (-58) and stay there for weeks on end.

The coldest I have ever seen it here was the winter of 1981 when one night the temperatures fell to -52C (-62F) one night in Tibbles Lake when we were visting friends. Now that was cold.

I am about to go out for my walk. Today I will pass on my wool lumberjack coat and put on my real winter parka. I am not as tough as I used to be.

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