Thursday, 24 January 2013

It's In the Jeans - Or Should Be

I was in a store yesterday, walking towards the exit, approaching a woman who was last in line at a checkout. She was bundled against the cold and all I could see of her was the back of her head and 8 inches of her legs between the tops of her boots and the bottom of her dress. I made a mental note that either my ex was in town or that was her sister Sandra. The woman turned, scanned the store, spotted me and waved. Fortunately it was Sandra. She and my ex are near dead ringers and even though I haven't laid eyes on my ex in over 10 years and only saw the back of Sandra's head and legs, I spotted the resemblance immediately.

When I met my estranged daughter in a mall in the next city two months ago I spotted her daughter, Gracey, in a stroller first. I had never seen Gracey in person and the only pictures I had seen of her was when she was one. The instant I saw her I knew who it was though. She looked exactly as her mother did at that age and when I looked up, sure enough, there was my daughter Rebecca who now looks exactly like one of her cousins on her mother's side.

Grandson Zephyr looks just like his Dad from the color of his hair to the shape of his face to the way he walks. His half-sister Sharleigh looks like her father but she looks like her mom also. It is fair to say she look exactly like you'd expect a child of her father and my daughter to look. Grandson Winter doesn't look anything like his mom or dad but does look like I do now.

My granddaughter Sabrina looked like her dad when she was born but now looks exactly like my mom did at the same age. It is uncanny but then again her mother, my daughter Amy also looked exactly like my mom at the same age. Now everyone says she looks like me. My oldest daughter looks mostly like her mom.
My granddaughter Hailey is the spitting image of her mother, Amy.

When I answer my father's phone even people who have known him for years start talking to me as if I am he. We sound alike. Dad and I walk exactly the same - the family gait. We all walk alike. I inherited my mother's features, however, and look like her.

My brother Kyle looks like my father's youngest brother Winston while my sister Margaret looks like a cross between her namesake, my mother's older sister and my mother.

Human beings are pattern recognizing machines. Pattern recognition is what the human brain does best so it is small wonder we see ourselves and our loved ones in our family features. Scientists tell us it is in the genes. I say it is in the jeans and if we had kept our damn jeans on there wouldn't be so many copies running around.

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