Tuesday, 8 January 2013

I Got Grandfathered

I got grandfathered last night.

No, that doesn't mean I had another grandchild. If you are a grandparent then you know what it means when 'grandfathered' is used as a verb. If you are not yet a grandparent then you will understand one day.

One of my daughters lives 10 kilometers from me in one direction. The other lives 40 kilometers in another direction. Oddly, they both live on roads with like sounding names.

Last night about 6:30 the phone rang. I answered to hear granddaughter Sabrina say, "Hi, Grandpa."

"Hi, Sabrina."

"What are you doing, Grandpa?"

"Just going to lay down and read."


The "Oh" was said with as much defeat as I have ever heard so I laughed and asked her what she wanted.

"Grandpa, I want to go spend the night with Sharleigh (her cousin who lives 50 kilometers away from her) but Mom and Dad won't drive me."

"Why not?"

"Mom is cooking dinner and Dad is spending time with his Mom and Step-Dad (who are visiting)."

"I see."

"Mom said to call you and ask you if you wanted to go visit Sharleigh."

"She did, did she? Well, honey, Sharleigh was here all afternoon so I have seen her today"

"It's okay, Sabrina. I will drive you out if you want. You be ready in 15 minutes, okay?"

(Laughing). "Thanks, Grandpa.

So that is what "being grandfathered" means.

Round trip? One hundred kilometers. We saw a huge mother bear with cub. We saw two deer. We saw  couple of coyotes. We chatted and enjoyed the ride together. Being grandfathered is okay.

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