Tuesday, 22 January 2013

I Am Beginning To Think He Is Right

Some time ago I was sitting in a coffee shop having a cuppa, eating a Danish, and reading a book. The waiter, the nephew of the owner, saw me reading and proudly informed me that he didn't ever read books. He was smart enough to figure things out by himself. I asked him if he was smart enough to go get his aunt for me. He asked me why and I told I wished to tell her how stupid her nephew was.

My hair is grey now but my mind is intact and my memory is sharp as a tack.

A child of the fifties I remember never locking the car when we got out. Why would we? No one was going to steal it.

I remember our never having a key to the houses we lived in. Why should we. We never locked the doors. No one was going to come in uninvited whether we were home or not.

I remember the hardware store leaving their display out all night. No one was going to steal anything and if someone needed something they could come get it and pay in the morning.

I remember leaving home at 8:00 in the morning and being out and about the forests, fields, and ocean all day until dinner time. My parents never worried. There were no kidnappings, no perverts around to bother kids in those days.

I remember my home town having a beat cop who only worked at night, walking the town to make sure businesses were locked to remove temptation from anyone who might possibly be passing through.
I remember when homosexuality was wrong and everyone knew who the perverts were.

Do you know what normalcy bias is? Normalcy bias is the methodology whereby we accept things in our lives as normal that were never normal before. We forget the way things were.

I don't care about anyones studies of the 1950's and 60's. I was there. I lived it. I know what it was like.
I ran across this essay the other day. I have been giving it some thought and while I don't understand the whys and wherefores of it all, I don't understand how it could possibly be so because it points to something quite supernatural that everyone seems to be in a rush to deny and to try to forget. Just the same, I am beginning to think he is correct. Now you may not. Fine. Just don't spew it on my page because I think this guy is on to something:

Link: As Atheism Rises, America Declines

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