Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Hitler's Cross

Hitler's Cross by Erwin Lutzer
Moody Publichers: 2012, 224 pages.

I cannot give this book whole hearted endorsement because of the way it was foot noted. I am unable to match citations to the text and Lutzer deals with areas of Nazi history I am unfamiliar with (the occult).

On the other hand, Erwin Lutzer is a prolific writer, has written many books, is the Pastor of many years of Chicago's Moody Memorial Church and has a sterling reputation. So there is no reason to suspect he is wrong about any of his facts.

I am well read enough to know he is not wrong about his central thesis which is how Hitler and the Nazi's co-opted the German churches to further the Nazi agenda. Weakened by theological and societal liberalism far too many churches fell in lock step with Hitler even as they watched their more conservative fellows thrown into concentration camps and murdered.

The churches in Texas opposed Lyndon Johnson in his early political career. He repaid them as a senator by getting legislation passed that would strip them of their 501C (tax exampt) status if they engaged in politics or endorsed candidates. Political activism and the endorsing of candidates was a church activity since the founding of the Republic. Johnson stripped the churches of rights that other 501C organizations still enjoy.

Yet, when Obama wanted support for Obamacare Nancy Pelosi called on the churches to promote it from their pulpits. The Obama administration has also called on churches for support for immigration reform.

It would seem that some thing are only against the law if they oppose this administration.

Lutzer does not deal with modern day America. He is concerned only with the church in Nazi Germany. It is an extraordinarily frightening peek into fascism's take over of religious institutions, bending them to the political will of a party.

It is impossible, except for those who are completely vapid, to read this book without seeing the parallels in America today. They are glaring and just as frightening in America now as Germany then.

The drums of fascism are beating again and they give rhythm to a march that is no less scary because it is draped in garments of the new tolerance, a new tolerance which merely attempts to disguise an old hatred. Fascism has always been a movement of the left and they have always tried to shift the blame.

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