Wednesday, 16 January 2013

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Mark Steyn's essay The Veil Descends is an outstanding article on the transformation of England by Islam and the horror and ugliness it has brought.
One reason that there's "nothing to see" is the ever greater lengths we go to to cover it, and ourselves, up. The veil descends, on all of us.
In the summer of 2010, mourners lined the streets of Wales's capital city to pay tribute to a seven-year-old boy killed in a house fire. In fact, Yaseen Ali Ege was brutally beaten to death, and then set alight with barbecue fuel. By his mother. For failing to learn the Koran. Over the preceding months, Mom had used a stick, a rolling pin, and a hammer on her son, but, despite these incentives, he had memorized only a couple of pages. And so she killed him, and subsequently declared she felt "100 percent better."
Nanny Bloomberg is at it again wanting to restrict access to painkillers in the city's hospital as a mean of addressing addiction ... and increasing the pain and discomfort of those in legitimate need of pain moderation who are stuck using the city's hospitals. Bloomberg Slaps Down Criticism of Painkiller Restriction Plan. Bloomberg Slaps Down Criticism of Painkiller Restriction Plan
Yesterday, Mayor Michael Bloomberg and city officials unveiled a new initiative to limit supplies of prescription painkillers in the city’s emergency rooms as a way to combat what they described as a growing addiction problem in the region. Some critics, as documented by The New York Times, however, felt the move would unnecessarily hurt poor and uninsured patients who use emergency rooms as their primary care doctor. Needless to say, Mr. Bloomberg was not swayed by this line of argument.
Apparently tyranny and the thought police have things well in hand at the NAACP where you either vote for Obama or you are fired.

Former NAACP Official Suspended For Not Supporting Obama Campaign

The Huffington Post has competely jumped the shark touting "Connection between "Prophet Muhammad" and George Washington. Has liberalism become like mad cow disease eating away the brains of those infected with this meme?
I've pointed out many times here at Atlas how compromised and pro-jihad the Huff Po is, but this is ridiculous, starting with the "Prophet" Muhammad reference in the headline. He ain't my prophet.
It's to vomit. Muhammad and George Washington are polar opposites. A man of honor who respected human life and refused the title of king and a bloody warlord who preached conquest, subjugation and slavery.

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