Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Happy Birthday Prissy Chrissy

(Originally posted to Multiply October 9, 2009)

Yesterday was my oldest daughter Christina's 34th birthday. Her 34th! I am not sure how that happened. It was just yesterday she was born. I am sure it was just yesterday. I remember it so clearly. How did 34 years go by so fast?

Her grandparents, my mother and father, invited Chris and her brood in for a birthday dinner. Chris is uncomfortably pregnant right now. I think she is in her 10th or 11th month of gestation and the baby isn't due for another 2 - 3 weeks.

I think it is twins. Maybe triplets.

This is Chris and I on her graduation from High School. She was 18 then. From here it was off to living in Cabo San Lucas where she met Luke Perry and was in an episode of Beverly Hills 90210. Then she moved back to Canada and it has been all down hill since. Why couldn't you have done a better job impressing Luke Perry? We could all be living in the lap of luxury in Hollywood now.

This is Chris and I today. As you can see, being her Dad has turned my hair white.

Anyway, Chris. I hope you had a good birthday. See you again on Sunday for Thanksgiving. I love you.

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