Saturday, 12 January 2013

Canadian Brass Monkeys Lose Balls

The weather was supposed to be warming up by today but as you know, little boys (and girls) who lie grow up to be weather men. Now it isn't supposed to warm up until Monday which probably means it will be cold through Wednesday.

Sorry this is out of focus. It is hard to do self-portraits. Taken this morning.

The temperature on this mornings walk was -23 (-9 F) but the wind chill was down to -28 (- 18F). I had to walk without glasses because they kept fogging up with mt breath.

Everything is covered with a thick hoar frost.

I have to go out later to the market and to have a coffee with Tess but otherwise I am staying in for the day! I did 6.9 km on my walk. That is enough!

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