Thursday, 10 January 2013

Annette? Kiss My Ass.

I just had a piece of cherry pie.

No, I didn't bake it. It came from the supermarket and was made by someone named Annette. Well, maybe not. It said it was Annette's Cherry Pie. My guess is that no one named Annette came within a 100 miles of that pie unless she swept the floor in the factory.

On the side of the box they listed the ingredients. You know how they list those in descending order of the quantities in the product? Well, cherries were somewhere near the end of the second row. My guess is that a whole cherry didn't come within a 100 miles of that pie either.

I won't do that again. Pie crust isn't that hard to make and I get canned pie filling that actually has real cherries in it.

Annette? Kiss my ass.

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