Thursday, 10 January 2013

An Apple Keeps Microsoft Away

My first computer was a Commodore VIC 20. The next, a Commodore 64. Then came the Tandy.

The parent company to the company I work for was given one of the very first portable PC's. They didn't know what to do with it and sent it to us. My company gave it to me to find a use for. "Portable" would be considered a joke these days. It weighed about 40 pounds and looked like a suitcase. All that gave you a 6 inch Amber monitor that was built into the suitcase, 2 x 5-1/4" floppy drives, and 256K of memory.

I soon became a PC expert, the company bought dozens of PC's at my recommendation, purchased some software that I had fallen in love with, and the entire organization was completely changed forever.

My first PC computer purchased for my own use was an IBM clone with twin 5-1/4 floppies, a Hercules Card, an amber CRT, a 20 MB hard disk, and 640 KB of memory running DOS 2.11. I also had a state of the art 1200 baud modem. This unit set me back $2600 in 1985. It was a lot of money.

I became involved with FidoNet and worked my way up through the ranks making friendships with the early movers and shakers of the PC and Software industry. I had solid personal friendships with the heads of the computer departments at Boeing, Texas Instruments, and Taylor Instruments. These were heady days.
A expert at the internal workings of a PC and a wizard with DOS I spurned everything Apple had to offer. In my opinion, they simply could not match IBM or it's clones.

I have never been a gadget man. I buy things that work. Pentax and Nikon cameras. IBM computers. Nokia cell phones. I have never been attracted to the newest or flashiest. Laugh if you must but the email client on my home computer is Eudora v1.5.4. That is probably 20 years old or more. Send me an email that contains HTML or Rich Text and I have to jump through hoops to read it because Eudora can't. I still use it because if someone sends me an email in anything but flat text I am not interested anyway. And with Eudora it is impossible for anyone to email me a virus.

Last year I bought a Blackberry Playbook against my better judgement at the recommendation of my son-in-law who assured me an OS update was coming and with it hundreds and thousands of new apps. The OS update came, the apps didn't, and RIM is tanking. The Blackberry is next to useless.
My cell phone was as basic as they came. It made calls and it could send text messages and that was it. Period.

Gradually, almost against my will, I became drawn to an iPhone and eventually took the plunge. The cost of the phone and the cost of the voice/data plan are absurd and I regretted it as soon as I signed the contract. Then, gradually, the power of the iPhone grabbed me. There was so very much I could do with it besides making calls. I could geocache, use it as a GPS, check my email, blog at Multiply, surf the web, and about anything else I wanted. The apps were endless and they worked. Always. Without fail. I was impressed.
Today I splurged and took another plunge. I bought the iPad 4. It is an impressive piece of work and I love it. There is no doubt that it was expensive but it is nice.

How nice? How about so nice that I have not had to type this blog posting. I speak and Siri types it for me. No shit! I have had to go back and make a few corrections but very few. That is simply stunning.
My next purchase is going to be a Macbook.

I have been convinced. Apple is superior to PC and Microsoft. I am an Apple fan now.

And, now that since blogging is as simple as talking, look out. I may blog ten times a day.

Go Apple.

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