Saturday, 1 September 2012

Oh, The Weather Outside Is Frightful

The blizzard that was forecast for the other day never materialized, thankfully, but we are, apparently, paying for that reprieve today. We are having a hellacious snow storm at the moment that is dumping inch after inch of wet, heavy snow. I just returned from down town and it is nearly deserted. When a snow storm keeps northern British Colombians home and off the road you know it is serious. I will have to go back down later this evening to pick Tess up. She is not feeling well but refuses to take time off work and so is suffering on the job. I cannot make her book off sick but I do not want her sick and driving in this mess so I will pick her up when her shift is over and take her home. I will spend the night there with her as by then I suspect things will be quite impassable. Oh Boy! I get to shovel two driveways again today. What a treat!

I had hoped to return to my exercise routine today but the snow has ended that notion. I do not want to be driving to the gym and it is simply too nasty to be walking outside.From May 15th to December 13th I walked 213 days in a row, traveling 3,098.6 kilometers and losing 46 pounds in the process. Finally, on the 14th of December, depression and the extreme cold beat me and I stopped walking. It was a bad time to give up with all the food that was available over the Christmas holiday. I have since gained back 10 hard to lose pounds. 

Come hell or high water I will be back in exercise mode tomorrow. I have a new record to break and hope I can extend a consecutive walking streak to over 300 days this time, I want to lose the 10 pounds I gained back along with an additional 15 pounds I originally wanted to get rid of to get to my goal weight. I am sure it can be done. I just need to get my self-discipline back and push myself away from the dining table more often.

I am often asked what I did while I was walking those thousands of kilometers. Well, mostly I walk when I walk. I have explained that before and am not going to go into it again. You either understand or you do not. I am not Buddha, however, and it is not always possible to be so focused that walk when I walk and when I could not I listened to dharma talks by a variety of dharma teachers - some 450 hours worth, it turns out. It was really a wonderful and engaging way to pass the time and the kilometers.
A friend of mine maintains the world's largest website which also includes a biography of himself. He calls that section the place where the terminally bored surf to. I laugh but it must be true. Whether personal pages on web sites, or forums, or blogs we seem to have quite an interest in peering into each other's lives. I am not sure why this is so? Do we seek ourselves in others? Do we measure ourselves by others habits looking to see if we are okay? 

I am not sure what the reason is. I just know that obviously I do it to or I would not maintain a blog on a social networking site. So, for the terminally bored here on Multiply who wish to now which speakers and which talks I listened to while walking down nearly 3,100 kilometers, I attach an Excel spreadsheet with all the talks. If anyone is interested in hearing any of them I can send them to you, make them available to Multiply users in general, or just point you to where you can download a particular talk yourself. May I recommend Wes Nisker and Sylvia Boorstein in particular? (see attachment at end)
Today is my sister's birthday. Happy Birthday, Margaret. 

Marg's birthday should be the end of the silly season in my family. The 'silly season' is so named for the slew of birthdays and anniversaries and holidays in my family that are all due in the Christmas season. It used to be worse but by breaking up with my ex-wife we got rid of two more events during this time of year: my ex mother-in-laws birthday of Dec. 16 and my ex-wife's birthday tomorrow. 
Funny how I remembered that. Oh well, I remember the date of the sinking of the Titanic and the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor too.

My shoulder is still a mess. Friend Scott wrote to suggest it might be a flu as he awoke with terrible shoulder pains but this seems to be something different and is continuing forever. I have been living on Ibuprofen and Tylenol 3's which I am nearly out of. I will have to head off to the doctor to have this attended to soon and to get a prescription for more pain killers. Getting older is not what it is cracked up to be.

And that is the news for Tuesday, January 6th. I now return you to your regular programming. 

(Originally posted to Multiply on January 6, 2009)

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