Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Book Review: Right Thinking

Genre:  Religion & Spirituality
Author: Earl D. Radmacher
Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

It has been my extraordinary privilege to have on three occasions been able to spend an entire weekend listening to a series of lectures by Earl Radmacher. Twice he has been a guest in my home. If I sometimes seem to wax nostalgic for ther past it is because of the faith and testimony and friendship of men like Dr. Earl D. Radmacher, former President of Western Seminary in Portland, Oregon and one of the finest men I have ever met in my life.

I first heard and met Earl in 1980, I think, when he was doing a lecture series at Fairmont Hot Springs on a top of the same title as this book: Right Thinking. Earl later did that same lecture series here in my home town at my invitation.

In the early 80's (this book was written in 1977) Dr. Radmacher was concerned with the rise of intellectualism within the church and within society as a whole. It was a fear, I believe, that was warranted as evidenced by the post-modern world we live in today where truth is whatever someone wants it to be. It is exactly where we are today that Earl was warning about thirty years ago and, I believe, we have drifted further from truth and wandered farther into anti-intellectualism than he could have ever imagined.

Earl's book was written primarily to those of the Christian faith but the broad principals he also paints can be appreciated by anyone. This book is long out of print but I encourage everyone to try to obtain a copy as it is worth every single word and is a shining example of clear, careful thinking and as such is something that is sorely and profoundly missing in this age.

Dr. Radmacher, I have for years deeply appreciated your friendship and support. I no longer share your particular soteriology but you are a shining example sincerity, intelligence, and morality in an age quickly descending into chaos. You have been an inspiration. Thank you.

(Originally posted to Multiply January 12, 2009)

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