Saturday, 1 September 2012

Book Review: Why I Believe the Bible

Genre: Religion & Spirituality   
Author: John F. MacArthur   
Rating: 1 out of 5 Stars  

This book was not what I was looking for, hoping for, or what I expected. 

John MacArthur may be a well known and, in many circles, a highly respected Pastor, Bible commentator, Seminary President, and scholar but this book is simply a monumental exercise in the logical fallacy of circular reasoning (the Bible is true because it says it is true; the Bible is infallible because it says it is infallible, the Bible is inerrant because it says it is inerrant). As a defence or apologetic for the Bible it is nearly useless. This must be John MacArthur light.

For those who are already Christian by conviction then this book makes an excellent polemic on the historical teachings of the orthodoxy of scripture as well as containing what is probably an excellent section on how to study the Bible. For non-Christians or those seeking an apologetic for the historicity and accuracy of the Bible you had better look elsewhere.

This review refers to the original 1980 edition and not the newly released 2008 edition.

(Originally posted to Multiply January 11, 2009)

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