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Book Review: Messiah: War In the Middle East & the Road to Armageddon

Genre: Religion and Spirituality
Author: Grant Jeffrey
Rating: 1 out of 5 Stars

In his book Signature of God which deals with the so-called Torah Code phenomena, Jeffrey's asserted that the Torah contained a hidden code about the holocaust and Adolph "Schickelgruber." He goes on to insist that Schicklegruber was Hitler's 'real' last name. This notion can be googled by anyone who is interested but it is not true and was never true. Hitler's birth certificate and school records are extant and his name was always Hitler. The fact the Jeffrey made a gross error in this book has been pointed out to him numerous times and yet that error was never corrected in subsequent reprints of this book. This is highly telling of Jeffrey's methodology.

On page 239 of Messiah talking about the tunnel that King Zedekiah used to flee Jerusalem when it was under siege by Nebuchadnezzar, Jeffrey writes, "For security reasons I cannot reveal the exact location of the exit from this tunnel system." Well, of course. Jewish archaeologists are going to let a Christian writer in on 'secrets' that cannot be reveal to the world at large for security reasons. Perhaps someone will want to flee Jerusalem again in the future and need this tunnel. Of course the route of this tunnel has been revealed and the archaeology has been written about.

In another one of his books Jeffrey marvels at the accuracy of a prophecy that was fulfilled and not known about until our times. Except that the prophecy was known and written about in Biblical times and its fulfilment was written about in the Bible. But then it is hard to make a supernatural case for something if it was already known. Better to hope readers of the book don't actually check the Bible themselves.

The drivel that drips off Jeffrey's pen is never ending and it is unwarranted. There is amazement enough in what is known and what is truthful about the Bible and their is amazement enough in prophecies that appear to be coming true in our age that one does not have to pen gross speculations, make grandiose claims about special knowledge, or outright lie or misrepresent facts to write an interesting or even a biblical book.

Jeffrey is a world class flake and his claim to being a world renown eschatology expert are laughable.

He is dead now so I suppose I can tell the story. Hal Lindsey, of The Late, Great Planet Earth fame attended Dallas Theological Seminary where Dr. John Walvoord was President. Dr. Walvoord was correctly considered to be the world's leading expert of biblical eschatology (prophecy). I had an opportunity to ask Dr. Walvoord a couple of questions about Lindsey and his short reply was instructive. "Lindsey is a big disappointment to Dallas Theological Seminary and to me personally." 'Nuff said.

Jeffrey did not train at Dallas and, as far as I know, did not know Dr. Walvoord but I can only imagine what the scholarly Dr. Walvoord would have to say about him.

I remember reading Lindsey's book in the early seventies and being electrified by it. I also remember being electrified when I first read Jeffrey's book. The difference is, I believe, that Lindsey makes an attempt at honesty and tries to keep speculation to a minimum. Jeffrey makes no such pretence and his writing is absolute shit. He provides not one footnote in any of his books, not even for a scripture reference, where one can check his sources or statements.

Sadly, this taints everything in his book because unless one is a bible expert one cannot even trust his renderings from the Bible itself.

This is a book to be avoided by everyone who reads it as anything more than fiction. It is absolute crap. And it is so unnecessary. 

(Originally posted January 8, 2009)

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