Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Lost In Delusion

Have you been able to escape the illusion? Have you been able to figure it all out yet or are you still lost?

Like the X-Files, the truth is out there if you simply open your eyes.

It is like an apple. What color is an apple?

Red, you say? Sorry. That is wrong.

Green? No, that is wrong also.

Yellow? No. Still wrong.

Okay, I can see you are all still lost so I will help you.

Apples are, and always have been, white. The skin may be red or green or yellow but the apple itself? White. Just bite into one and you will work your way out of an illusion that has been fostered since you were a child.

Nothing is as it seems.

The "news" is not the news. It is the news someone else has decided is the news. It is the news someone else has decided we will watch and be influenced by. It is not necessarily, however, the real news on any given day.

Do you not understand that you do not control what you are going to eat?

I know. I know. Now you think I am suffering from a delusion. I can hear you all. You are all saying that perhaps someone else determines what the news is from day to day but surely you decide what you will eat.

Do you really think so? I say you are merely suffering from another illusion. I say it is the supermarket that you purchase your food from who determines what you will eat. They determine what foodstuff to make available.

Don't believe me? Drive to a Safeway hundreds of miles from where you live and see what it stocked there. If you live in a rural area look in your supermarket and then drive to a city and look at the same food chain there. Is the selection the same?

I can assure you it is not. Someone else, someone in the marketing department of your local supermarket has decided what you will eat by deciding what they shall sell in the store?

Is is starting to become clear?

Which car causes less harm to the environment? A new Honda hybrid or a ten year old clunker?

The car companies want you to think it is the new hybrid. Even the environmentalists are fooled. The correct answer to the question is the clunker. Hands down.

We are told we must all switch from incandescent bulbs to light our home to fluorescent. This will protect the environment we are told. Are you sure? Going green is set to become the greatest marketing ploy the world has ever seen. Trade your old fridge on an new energy efficient model to reduce carbon. Trade in your old stove. By an new air conditioner. Is that helpful? The companies will tell you it is. Most environmentalists, having already been sold the delusion, will tell you it is. But is that the truth?

No. It's not. The truth is out there though.

What is the biggest delusion of all? The one we were sold where we have been taught that we are independent. That we don't need one another. Towards that end we have bought 3.2 televisions per household. We have bought DVD and CD players. We have computers and Gameboys and iPods and cell phones. All of these are necessities of modern life, aren't they? I recently had someone tell me that no one could reasonably be expected to live without a cell phone.

In order to conquer an enemy one must first isolate him and then delude him.

The life you seek, the happiness you wish for, is not to be found in the things that are being pushed at you. Those are there to entrap you; to isolate you; to make you docile.

Get off the phone, turn off the television, unplug the iPod. Get out, go for a walk. Sit in silence. Escape the delusion.

My heart truly weeps. Nearly all of you are completely lost. Worse. You don't even know it.

(Originally posted to Multiply July 27, 2008)

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