Thursday, 23 August 2012

Just Don't Eat Your Neighbor

Each morning a number of elderly Indian men gather each morning in the park in town. They sit and talk for a while and then each goes his separate way. Only a couple of them actually go for a walk. They just meet and talk. I have never seen them in a coffee shop. I only see them here and with cold whether coming I suppose I won't see them for much longer this year although I am sure they will still meet somewhere as that seems to be their habit. Probably at the Sikh Temple.

The gentleman in the middle usually arrives at the park first. I often see him sitting along waiting for his companions to show up. I pass him each morning on my walk. As I pass him I bow and say "Namaste." He laughs and waves and says "Good Morning" and I laugh. At that point I have exhausted my scope of knowledge of his language and he of mine.  Yet with just those three words, a wave, a bow, and two mutual smiles we have established a relationship of sorts.

It is that simple to get along in this world. Just don't eat your neighbors. Smile, treat them with dignity. Don't see them as an opportunity. That is the problem with corporate America. They want to eat us. They see us all as an opportunity.

(Originally posted to Multiply September 24, 2008)

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