Thursday, 23 August 2012

It Is Never Too Late To Get In Shape

Today is the beginning of my 5th month of no smoking. For some of you, I know, that probably doesn't seem like a major event but to myself and those who know me, it is indeed near earth shattering. For years and years I was seldom seen without a cigarette in my mouth. I was a dedicated and confirmed smoker who loved every aspect of smoking except the expense which finally made me make the attempt to quit. Quitting was accomplished with the aid of Champix but, none-the-less, it was accomplished and I am still amazed at myself. The more so since I wasn't entirely sure I even wanted to.

Most of the time I do not notice much difference. Obviously I have more wind but that is about all. Well, that and the extra $300-$400 a month in my pocket.

Truthfully, however, if the doctor were to tell me tomorrow that the tumor in my head had to come out next week or if I was given a terminal diagnosis, I'd have one lit up so fast you wouldn't be able to see anything but a blur of motion and a flash of smoke.

I was determined not to gain weight when quitting smoking. I was heavy enough having been unable to shake the weight medication put on several years ago. In the last 128 days, however, I have now shed 43 pounds. I have managed that Herculean feat by walking 2,040 kilometers in the same period of time averaging nearly 16 kilometers (10 miles) a day. In doing so I have completely worn out two very expensive pairs of runners. Nike's were just not made for people like me.

The days are getting cooler and shorter but I have hopes that I can lose 17 more pounds before it becomes too cold and too snowy to walk. That would get me to my lowest weight in 30 years and would make me very happy, as well as very fit. Losing weight is becoming harder now though. The more you lose, the lighter you become, the less calories you burn off in exercising. I also have to admit that after starving myself half the summer my appetite is stronger right now and I have been indulging it a bit. That stops this week and I will force myself back onto an 1800 calorie a day diet to accompany the exercise until I hit 160 pounds.

Who'd have thunk it? You are never too old to get in shape.

(Originally posted to Multiply September 20, 2008)

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