Friday, 24 August 2012

Election Night in Canada

This is the 152nd straight day of getting my daily walk in. I came close to missing a day last week when I wasn't feeling well but I managed to drag my ass around a couple of long blocks (2 kilometers) to keep the streak going. So far since May 15th I have logged 2,338 kilometers. That is 15.4 kilometers a day. Not bad for a recovering 2 pack a day smoker who was terribly out of shape and over weight. So, in answer to your earlier comment, Tamara, yes, I was out earlier walking off the excess of Thanksgiving.

It has been quite cold here at times but right now it is warmish and sunny so with luck, and if I don't get suddenly lazy, I will get out the door for another 5 kilometers right after supper although walking in the evening is becoming a problem now. It is getting darker earlier every day and I have to hustle along to get 5 kilometers in after dinner before it gets to dark to walk in this neighbourhood or too dangerous if I am walking the River Front Trail (which passes through a high crime section that one does not want to be walking through after dark).

Yesterday was a good Thanksgiving. 

We thought we might have to cancel the family celebration of this day for this year. My mother, who has cooked a big Turkey dinner every Thanksgiving that I can remember, is still not back to full health and the task was simply too much for her. In the end, however, daughter Christina cooked the turkey and some other goodies at her house and brought them in, Tess and I did a few things and brought them, and my sister-in-law Jona did a few things and brought them also. Mom and Dad were able to cook up some of the veggies and between us all we put together a full Thanksgiving dinner with all of the usual entrees and with no excessive work having to be done by Mom.

My sister and brother-in-law were away this year, celebrating the holiday with his parents so the day didn't quite seem the same without them here and with their two sons, Joel and Scott, off at University but that is they way it goes and they had a good time with Darrell's Mom and Dad, Dorothy and Jack, who are in their 80's and still threw a Thanksgiving dinner together.

I see, looking at his web site, that Stephen King will have a new book out in the first part of November and I cannot express how much I am looking forward to it. Now I now that King is not a man of great literature and not everyone enjoys his style, but I like him and am looking forward to this read! Reading King is like snuggling up with a warm blanket and a hot cup of coffee on a cold, snowy day. An odd thing to say about reading a horror book, I know, but there is a comfort in reading a book by someone you like that I cannot explain. You are either a reader and understand or you are not and you will never understand (many things).

If I never read another political blog again it will be all too soon for me. I mean, really. if the moronic halfwits who pass themselves off as political commentators on television are vapid and uninteresting, do those of you who write blog after blog on political issues have any idea how extraordinarily boring you are? And that is not to mention how short on facts and logic most political bloggers are. I may not agree with William F. Buckley or even with George Will but at least I can respect their education and their writing.  If every foolish political commentary by someone with a double digit IQ here on social networking sites was set to print the most that would be accomplished would be to supply asswipe to the entire population of the world for years to come.

Doesn't anyone understand logic anymore?

It is election night here in Canada. Before the night is out wither the Conservatives or the Liberals will likely have to form another minority government. I is unlikely that any party will be unable to gain a majority. I hope the next government is formed by the Harper conservatives. They have done a reasonably good job so far and I am not yet ready to forgive the Liberal Party of Canada for their gross corruption. Well that and the fact that Stephane Dion is dumber than the proverbial sack of hammers.

I mentioned to a few American friends today that we were having an election in Canada today. None of them had heard of it. Canadian politics is indeed quite boring but the insularity of Americans is quite amazing.

Dear People of the USA. Please take note. The sun does not rise and shine solely in the American Empire and, frankly, most of the rest of the world does not give a rat's rear end about your country. Just thought I would throw that in because I can say it without all the hostility that would normally generate coming from a 'Canadian blogger' given that my citizenship is still in the USA.

My apologies to anyone I haven't insulted with this blog and who feels left out. I will try to catch you next time.

(Originally posted to Multiply October 14, 2008)

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