Thursday, 23 August 2012

Book Review: Life After Death - The Burden of Proof

Genre:  Religion & Spirituality
Author: Deepak Chopra
Rating: 1 out of 5 Stars

Deepak Chopra seems to have a need to write about everything under the sun but like a jack of all trades, he is master of none.

I had hoped that this book would at least be interesting or that, as a medical doctor, Chopra would at least attempt to offer some level of proof for life after death. Sadly, this was not interesting nor was any level of proof offered. This was simply a rather rehashing of Hindu theology. I found it all rather a waste of time.

Amazon says:

 "In India death is perceived very differently than in the West, "as a brief stopping point on an endless soul journey," says Chopra in this introduction to life beyond bodily existence. Chopra, a medical doctor and world leader in mind-body medicine as well as author of more than 45 books, now ventures to answer: what happens after we die? For Chopra, death deserves to be called miraculous, a "doorway to a far more important event—the beginning of the afterlife" and a mode of being that "can be as creative as living." Chopra effectively uses the classic Vedanta story of Savitri—a woman who comes home to find death, Lord Yama, waiting to take her husband, and who seeks the monk Ramana's advice to outwit death—to frame each chapter. Chopra grounds each topic in the long arc of this singular story, which is the perfect springboard for Chopra to introduce concepts such as Akasha (the highest stage a soul can attain) and Eternity within the Indian tradition (where we are beyond death, life, maleness, femaleness, and the experience of time). Chopra presents a fascinating account of life after death for Westerners that will certainly please his avid fans and draw in new readers as well.."
To which I say, it will only please his avid fans if those avid fans have given up any pretense of critical thinking.

(Originally posted to Multiply September 6, 2008)

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