Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Bear Closes My Hiking Trail

One of my favorite walking trails is more of less closed. There is an aggressive bear in the area that has given chase to a couple of hikers.

The city has sent out notices advising people to exercise caution if they hike in that area and have placed signs up and down the trail.
"Hikers should exercise caution when walking in areas inhabited by bears. Hikers should wear small bells attached to their clothes to alert bears to their presence but not scare them. Hikers should carry pepper spray in case of aggressive bears.

Hikers should familiarize themselves with the difference between Black Bear droppings and Grizzly Bear Droppings.

Black Bear droppings are smaller, darker and contain berries, seeds, and smell like rotten fruit.

Grizzly Bear droppings are larger, have bells in them, and smell like pepper spray."

(Originally posted to Multiply July 18, 2008)

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