Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Arctic Mission

For many years my best friend was Ken Beichler. Ken was a missionary with Arctic Missions (now InterAct Ministries) and was the director of the Native Bible Center, a Christian High School for Native (First Nations) children. The Native Bible Center became the Native Bible Institute, a Bible college for Native men. Ken directed that also.  Eventually Arctic Missions redefined their mission and left this area. The property was sold to the Canadian Sunday School Mission who also ran a Bible School on this property.

My youngest daughter called Ken "Beeker."

So, Beeker, these photos are for you.

Recognize where you are at? Well, you probably wouldn't if you were driving the Nazko Highway. The Mountain Pine Beetle has devastated the area and it is all dead and dying trees. Millions and millions of acres of them. For a while, in the beginning, we laughed about out 'red' trees. No one laughs any longer. It is ugly and horrible. They have all turned an ugly black now. I'm sure someone has sent you pictures.

We're getting close. Remember this?

I took the ride out here this morning just to grab these photos for you, Ken. I haven't been out here in years. I have probably only been out here three times since you moved. The Tibbles Lake road is being widened out for some reason. Then again, maybe they are just removing all the dead trees. There are probably 200 logging truck loads stacked up on the sides of the road from the corner up to the bridge,

It was actually kind of sad to go out here.

Everything is so run down.

Apparently the Canadian Sunday School Mission sold this. I didn't know when I went there this morning. All the staff housing on this side of the creek has been turned into rental units I was told by some desperate looking fellow who looked as if he had stepped out of the set of the movie Deliverance. Indeed, this whole place reeks of the Ozarks. Very sad. This is probably all old news to you. Probably George B. or someone has already told you. I'm not up on the backwoods gossip.

I have no idea what they would be using the A-frame for if the rest of the houses are being used for rental units by a bunch of people who, seemingly, have one tooth per every four people. The man I spoke with, who was about as unfriendly as they come, claimed he was going to be buying the property very soon and continuing to rent it.

This was the best cabin left, I think. Probably 'cause that was the one I helped you on. Ha. (This is the little one behind he A-frame.)
Girls dorm or boys dorm?

Okay, Ken, that is the end of the tour. I hope it didn't sadden you as much as it did me.

I miss you, I think of you often. and I will answer your last email soon.

(Originally posted to Multiply September 3, 2008)

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