Tuesday, 21 August 2012

A Sunday Walk in the Country (Photos)

All my life I have been a night person. I get going when most people are getting ready for bed. I would get up late in the morning and stay up very late at night. It used to drive my father crazy when I was a teenager. He was a morning person. People are either morning people or they are evening people. Morning and evening people never understand each other.

Something has happened to me in the last few month though. After a lifetime of being a night person, I have become a morning person. I love getting up and getting outside early in the mornings. Having never seen the morning this is all a novelty to me. Well, yes, when I was working I had to get up fairly early to go to work but I can assure you that while I may have gotten up, driven to work, and been sitting at my desk, my first brain cell didn't fire until about 9:30. Now most mornings I am up and outside by 6:30. It is a whole new world out there to me.

I have also started to walk quite early in the morning as well. That is somewhat of necessity. It has become very, very hot her in the last few days and early mornings are the coolest. I love walking but I do not love walking when the afternoon temperatures his 35 degrees or more (that is 95 for you metric challenged Yanks.

This was this morning's walk.

God, I pity all of you who live in the city or who stay indoors all the time or who get their exercise on a treadmill.

Make sure you click on these photos to enlarge them. I made them quite large this time so you could enjoy your walk with me.

Dragon Mountain hovers protectively over the playground of Dragon Lake School.

Yikes! How would you like to have an anthill like this in your backyard?

The front side of Dragon Lake.

Dragon Lake from Legion Beach.

Stepping on to a dock I startled Momma Duck and her babies. I need to start taking my real camerea on these walks so I can use my telephoto lens.

Okay, time is running. I will never finish this walk if I don't get moving.

Back to my walk around the lake.

I like this picture. I really wish I'd had the other camera with me.

Okay, Back to the walk again.

This one is nice too, I think.

Another duck family.

The Canada Geese were on parade this morning (joined in one photo by a lone Loon.

Now on to the back side of the lake.

I'm not going to make it all the way around. That would be way, way to far. This has been 8 kilometers up to this point. Time to turn around and head back home. By the time I get home it will be 16 kilometers, 10 miles. That is enough.

As long as there are wildflowers I will always have a garden.

I hope you enjoyed this walk also.

Do yourselves a favor. Wherever you are, get outside and go for a walk today. Even if it is just around your block.

(Originally posted to Multiply June 29, 2008)

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